My First Mother’s Day

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! I was so happy and excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day, and Libby and her daddy made my weekend very special.

Stephen came home Friday with a few gifts – a precious locket, a “home-grown in Arkansas” tee, and a pecan roll (he knows me well) – and a very sweet card. I nibbled on my pecan roll and then we headed out for a nice long walk in the pretty weather and a run to the store. When we got home, I walked into the kitchen and was shocked to discover my pecan roll was missing and our lab Molly had a very guilty look on her face. I guess Molly likes pecan rolls just as much as her momma!

Mothers Day Gifts

We didn’t have any set plans all weekend, but Saturday morning, we decided to take a drive to Eureka Springs for the day. We arrived in town just in time for an awesome lunch at Oscar’s Cafe. I love this picture of little L eyeing my sandwich!

Downtown Eureka

We spent some time driving around downtown and then headed over to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, a big cat rescue just outside of town. It was hot and sunny for our tour so Libby stayed in the shade from her stroller most of the time. We pulled her out for a few quick pictures – her first time seeing lions and tigers and bears (oh my!).

Turpentine Creek

Afterwards we stopped for some ice cream and spent some time in the shade.

S+L getting ice cream

On our way home we stopped by War Eagle Mill. The mill and its grounds are home to a huge craft fair every fall, but this was my first time visiting without hundreds of crafters and shoppers present. We saw a fisherman pull a huge bass out of the creek then checked out the gift shop and got a magnet to commemorate the visit.

War Eagle Mill
S+L at War Eagle

Stephen cooked an awesome dinner that night.

Mothers Day Dinner

Sunday we took Libby to church (poor baby isn’t a fan of the organ, but she mostly slept through the service). For lunch we tried a new Fayetteville restaurant, The Farmer’s Table. The restaurant just opened in an old renovated home on the south side of town and features locally sourced and organic ingredients. We had a great meal!

First Mothers Day
Farmers Table

The rest of the day was low key with a visit from friends in town from Colorado, dinner at home, and a movie on Netflix. Just how I like to end my weekend. All in all, we had a wonderful time and I felt so special and appreciated all weekend. I’m so lucky to have Stephen and Libby and am thankful they made me a mom.

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Pregnancy Journal

Before Libby was born, Similac sent us a bunch of samples and coupons, one of which was a credit for a free photo book from Shutterfly. I thought a pregnancy journal would be a great way to round up my weekly pregnancy photos, so I started one.

A few weeks after our little girl’s arrival, I put the finishing touches on the 8×8 book. Here are a few of my favorite pages!

Journal Cover

Journal 1st Tri

Journal Fall

Journal 2nd Tri

Journal Showers

Journal 3rd Tri

Journal Christmas

Journal Nursery

I’m proud of myself for actually finishing this book and getting it ordered (I have a half-finished book from our honeymoon five years ago that may or may not ever get printed). I’ve finally figured out the key to successful photo albums for me is spending a little bit of time on them every few days or weeks so I’m not trying to sum up 9 months in one sitting. With that in mind, today I started Libby’s first year photo book (tear)!

I’ll be back soon with more updates!

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New Pillows and Old Chairs

After my c-section, we had to get a little creative with our furniture so I could hold Libby and still support myself when sitting. On the couch, we added a couple of Euro pillows which have made it much easier to prop myself up straight and do all the necessary baby things. Like nursing. And cuddling. And burping. And did I mention cuddling?

I had these 25″ pillow forms from Ikea stored away in a closet. We used just the bare forms for a few weeks before I decided to stop playing with fire (aka baby spit-up) and sew some covers for them. The green stripe fabric is from Ikea – it had a former life as a table runner in our kitchen. I didn’t have enough for both sides of the pillows, so the backs are made from a tan drop cloth.

Green Stripe Pillows

I sewed these envelope-style pillow covers in an afternoon with the same method I used in this tutorial. I’m happy with how they turned out – the green and white stripe is so very springy!

Green Stripe Pillow

I also wanted to share one other recent change to our living room. My mom is in the process of downsizing and passed along these awesome midcentury chairs to us. They were originally my grandparents’ and I think it’s neat that they’ve been in three generations’ homes so far.

Gma Chairs

Maybe Libby will want them one day!

Midcentury Chair

Have you made any spring updates lately?

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DIY Changing Pad Covers

As I was putting together Libby’s nursery, I sewed two changing pad covers for her dresser. One was light pink and the other was a coral color – both fabrics were Kona solids from JoAnn. I used this tutorial which calls for one piece of 48″x32″ fabric and a yard of elastic, and the process seriously could not have been easier.

Pink changing pad Coral changing pad

The only problem? Around here, we’ve been known to dirty up both covers in one day. (Ah, the joys of parenthood!)

Yesterday I dug through my fabric stash while a certain someone was napping and whipped up three more covers.

Floral changing pad
{Wildwood by Erin McMorris from}

Mint changing pad
{Mint cotton from a friend – I believe from JoAnn}

L on changing table
{white pinstripe cotton from Hobby Lobby}

As you can see, our cutie pie woke up just in time to try out cover number three. I think she approves!

L close-up

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42 Weeks – Libby’s Here!

We are officially parents of an 11-day-old little girl!  Libby was born last Saturday after 18 hours of labor and a C-Section. It wasn’t the birth experience I would have chosen, but the saying that your labor doesn’t matter after seeing your sweet baby’s face is 100% true.

Heard Fam of 2
{our last photo as a family of two}

Heard Fam of 3
{our first photo as a family of three}

42 Weeks
{taking my last “maternity” photo – 42 weeks!}

Libby 1 Week
{Libby’s 1 Week photo}

We are so happy she’s finally here and are (amazingly) getting pretty good sleep most nights. We’re changing diapers like they’re going out of style, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our Libby Girl!

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Adventures in Almost-House Buying: Part 3: Our Almost-Bedrooms

The bedrooms and closets in our Almost-House were significantly smaller than our current rooms, but we were excited about the opportunity to pare down our belongings and make these two rooms cozy.

(These are the front two bedrooms of the original house. The large den at the back was a late-70s addition that technically counted as the third bedroom.)

Right LR Wall
{living room wall to the right of the entryway}

Doorway to Hall
{the doorway to the hall with nursery, water heater, full bath, and master bedroom}

{the nursery at the end of the hall}

Nursery Closet
{looking back towards the hallway from the nursery}

Our plan for the nursery was easy because we just finished decorating one! After tearing out the cheap paneling and re-drywalling, we’d basically reproduce Libby’s room, adjusting the layout as necessary.

Nursery Left Side

Nursery Right Side

Reading Corner

The master bedroom was a different story. Since most of our current bedroom furniture is bulky and dark, we saw this as an opportunity to ditch our bedroom suite and start fresh.

Master Bedroom
{the master bedroom at the front of the house}

Master Bedroom Closet
{looking back towards the hallway from the master bedroom}

The plan for this room started with the gray velvet upholstered bed, white walls and white bedding. Our bed would sit in front of the window on the left side of the room, so I’d be on the hunt for a fun curtain fabric to use as color scheme inspiration. This moodboard is more of a dream moodboard than something we’d make a reality (we don’t own anything in this image), but it was fun to play around with completely new furniture, accessories and colors.

Almost-Bedroom Plan

Bed: Target
Nightstands: Zinc Door (pricey!)
Lamps: 1stDibs (inspiration)
Dresser: Crate & Barrel
Fabric: Bloomingdales (inspired by a shower curtain)
Pendant: West Elm
Art: YellowBrickHome and The Animal Print Shop

Cute, fun, and a taste of spring! Exactly what we need in the middle of this never-ending winter. What do you think?

Next time: Part 4: Our Almost-Kitchen and Dining Room

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Adventures in Almost-House Buying: Part 2: Our Almost-Living Room

One of the things we loved most about our Almost-House was the layout. With a modest-sized living room at the front of the house and a large den-like addition at the back, we were dreaming of having a true front living room solely dedicated to reading, conversation, and watching the neighborhood from the big picture window facing the street.

{the entryway}

Right LR Wall
{the living room wall on the right}

Left LR Wall
{the living room extending to the left}

This would be a room with nice furniture and no TV. A place to unwind. With that in mind, our plans for this room centered around a new leather couch and moody paint color.

Almost-Living Room Plan

When I made this moodboard, I focused on using as much of our current furniture and accessories as possible. The only new purchases would be the leather couch, coffee table, and paint. I’d put the sofa on the wall facing the picture window and replace the light fixture with our DIY pendant light. The two vintage chairs would face the sofa with a large area rug centered in the room.

The colors are a little more masculine than our current living room, but I’ve been leaning towards this style more and more lately, and it’s right up Stephen’s alley.

What do you think?

Leather sofa: Wayfair
Chairs: vintage from my grandparents
Rug: West Elm
Curtains: Ikea (may be discontinued)
White end table: vintage
Coffee table: AllModern (we would look for something vintage)
Map: Schoolhouse Electric
Paint: Valspar’s Gray Silt
Lighting: our DIY pendant (inspired by Anthropologie)

Next time: Part 3: Our Almost-Bedrooms

P.S. Check out Part 1 of our Adventures in Almost-House Buying here.

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Today is my due date! (40 Weeks)

It’s hard to believe I’ve been pregnant for 40 weeks, but it’s true! (I honestly never thought we’d make it to the 40 week photo below!)

Week 38 Week 40

At my 35 week appointment, we were told that our little girl was coming early. Obviously that prediction was wrong, but it was enough to make us pack the bags, install the carseat, finish the nursery, and check all those other pesky to-dos off our list.

Now, five weeks later, we’re (not so) patiently waiting on little Libby to make her debut. Looks like we may be having a March baby after all!

We’ll be sure to share the big news when it happens, but in the meantime, I’ll be posting Part 2 of our Almost-House Buying adventures tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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Adventures in Almost House-Buying: Part 1

Pregnancy must make you a little bit crazy.

That’s really the only explanation I have for the events of the past couple of weeks. It all started when Stephen got a new job at a sustainability engineering company downtown. We’ve been itching to move to the historic downtown area of Fayetteville since we both came to college here 10 years ago. Our home now is close, but it’s still a 10-15 minute drive from the action and we wanted a 10 minute WALK.

In the couple weeks between his old job and the new one, Stephen and I spent a lot of time driving around downtown and scoping out his new neighborhood. On one of those drives last Saturday, we came across a cute little bungalow for sale that we had briefly stalked in the snow a few weeks earlier. The sun was shining and it was finally warm, so we made an appointment to see it that evening.

House Front

The minute we walked through the front door, it was love at first sight. Original hardwood floors and trim, arched doorways, the cutest brass doorknobs I’ve ever seen, a kitchen with potential, a mudroom/laundry room, and 3 beds/2 baths so we wouldn’t be losing living area. The outside needed love, but we could see the diamond in the rough.


Doorway to Dining

Left LR Wall

Master Bedroom



Mudroom Bath


Best of all, at the recently reduced price we could easily purchase this home and retain our current mortgage while we got our house ready to sell. It seemed like a no-brainer, but we wanted to wait to make an offer until Monday when we could talk to our lender. I barely slept Saturday and Sunday, I was so excited!

Monday morning rolled around and I started making phone calls. We were approved for the second mortgage, so we wrote an offer and heard back Tuesday with a verbal counter offer. Within a couple of hours we’d written up a new offer that both sides could agree on, and by Wednesday we were under contract!

Mer on Porch

Being 9 days from my due date at the time, I immediately started calling home inspectors. I wanted to be present at the inspection if possible, and luckily having worked with many inspectors in the area as a realtor paid off. We found a great one willing to come out to the house on a Sunday afternoon, and he even gave us a discount!

On Sunday, we showed up with high hopes that our little diamond would shine. Now, I’ve heard lots of realtors blame inspectors for scaring off buyers, but that was absolutely not the case for us. Our inspector was realistic and practical about the issues that needed to be addressed immediately and those that could wait.

As the three hour appointment wore on, however, the list got longer and longer. We’d need to call out an electrician to inspect the old and new fuse boxes plus and loose wires in the attic, install grounded outlets, and straighten the severely leaning masthead on the roof where the power lines entered the house. The insulation in the attic was pitiful and installed incorrectly and would need to be remedied. The ceiling was not braced properly. There was moisture in the crawlspace which could cause settling and cracks down the road if the lot wasn’t regraded for drainage. We had no idea how old the roof was, but it was old. Many of the windows were letting in moisture and causing trim paint to bubble and peel.

Any one or even all of these things would have been manageable and even expected on a historic home like this one. I grew up in an older home and knew to expect some issues, but the real kicker in this house was the asbestos in the attic and mudroom, and the lead-based paint on every surface inside and lurking under the vinyl siding outside.

With a baby coming any day, we became more and more wary of how carefully we would have to proceed with renovations in order to keep her safe. Those beautiful hardwood floors would have to be refinished professionally so we didn’t accidentally nick the painted baseboards with the sander and send lead dust into the air. Our baby couldn’t play in the flowerbeds in front of the house without a nervous mama hovering to make sure she didn’t eat any paint chips that had flaked off the old siding. Any time we put an anchor in the wall to hang a picture, we’d have to obsessively vacuum (not with the good vacuum!) any dust we created. Almost all of the projects we wanted to tackle inside would have to be handed over to the professionals simply because we could be harming ourselves and our baby if we did them wrong.

That’s a lot of pressure.

So we backed out. We became the gun-shy buyers I dreaded as a realtor. The ones who fell in love and then got scared off when the cost of making a home their dream home got too high. It was disappointing and embarrassing, but it was the right decision for us.

Of course I had spent the previous week using all my nesting energy and making plans. I got on Pinterest and Polyvore and made room layouts and moodboards for how I wanted our new place to look and feel.

Pinterest Plans

Unfortunately I’ll never get to make my plans a reality in that house, but I thought I would share them here over the next few weeks, sprinkled in among tons of baby photos and other Heardmont adventures.

On the upside, coming home to our house Sunday afternoon gave us a new appreciation for how far we’ve come here. I am so grateful for a fairly clean, finished, organized, and most of all SAFE place to live and raise our first child. The new furniture and wall colors we’d been dreaming about for our second home just might find their way into our current place over time, and now that spring is just around the corner, we’re excited about tackling some new projects and adjusting to life as a family of 3 (when this little girl decides to show up!). Stay tuned!

Next time: Part 2: Our Almost-Living Room

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A Great Way to Start the New Year!

I’m back today with an exciting announcement! Our master bathroom just hit the newsstands in the March edition of This Old House Magazine!


Before the holidays, I received an email from a This Old House writer, wanting to feature our bath in their Budget Redo column. We emailed back and forth a few times and chatted on the phone for about an hour one afternoon. Now, three months later, we’re in print!

M with This Old House

Stephen and I finally found a copy (or three) in person yesterday at Barnes & Noble. So exciting!

Our Feature in TOH

We’re still really happy with the choices we made in our master bath and glad that we were able to keep the reno costs low.

Thanks to This Old House for the feature!

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