Friday Five

Happy Friday everybody!  Today is a big day.  11-11-11, Veterans Day, and the grand opening of a new museum in our area – Crystal Bridges.  Stephen and I have plans to attend the opening this afternoon, and we couldn’t be more excited to explore this new cultural destination in Northwest Arkansas!

This week has been a great one for DIYs and before and afters out on the world-wide-web, so I’m back on this Friday morning to share my favorite 5 projects from the week.

1. Last night, I came across Jenny’s post on upholstering a diamond-tufted headboard at Little Green Notebook and was blown away.  She makes this stuff look so easy!  Now that I know there’s such a detailed tutorial out there, I’m itching to make another headboard – maybe one for our bedroom this time…

Did you know our original plans for the guest room headboard were along the lines of the Draper’s diamond-tufted headboard in Mad Men?  Sadly, I wasn’t confident about tufting and couldn’t find an inexpensive teal velvet at the time.  Bummer!

2. Speaking of projects at our place, y’all know how much we’ve talked about wanting to add built-ins to the back wall of our living room.  Centsational Girl beat us to the punch! Her Billy Built-Ins are a thing of wonder. We’ll definitely be taking construction (and styling) tips from her when the time comes to DIY our own.

3. In food-related matters, check out this gorgeous Rosette Cake Tutorial at Dwellings By Devore.  This cake is simple and beautiful at the same time, and I bet even I could make something like this for our next special event.

4. Just in time for the holidays, How About Orange shares 6 DIY tutorials for cute little pouches to hold anything from Barbie accessories for little girls to makeup for big girls.  I think my favorite is the bunting pouch (bottom left).

5. Before and After day on Design*Sponge never disappoints.  This week, they shared a kitchen reno that made my jaw drop.  Not because it’s over the top, but because I could happily pick up that kitchen, put it in our house and not. change. a. thing.

So that’s what got me all fired up this week.  What were your favorite projects this week?

We are SO ready to tackle projects and spend some time just enjoying this weekend.  On the agenda: Crystal Bridges, house painting (weather permitting), a Razorback football game, and guest room sprucing in time for Monday!  Have a great one, everybody!

(You can click on any photo above to be taken to its source.)

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11 Responses to Friday Five

  1. Angeline says:

    Love Crystal Bridges! Though it may be controversial, as we provide for our young family, Wal-Mart has a place in our lives. I am grateful to the Walton family for ‘bringing us low prices’ – and to Alice Walton – for providing a place to reflect on our world through collected works of art. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. erin says:

    that purple headboard is so awesome! i’m going to have to bookmark her tutorial. i’m always way too impatient to write up tutorials- they are a ton of work!

    i’m also a huge fan of your guest room, it looks so great!

  3. Anne says:

    Great round up – I bookmarked several of these myself this week! Also, I heard an NPR story about the new museum, and it sounds like it will be a great collection… perhaps I’ll have to make a road trip someday!

  4. Jen Y says:

    I too am so excited for Crystal Bridges to open! I’m waiting for the crowds to thin out some before I go though.

    I made the Rosette cake for my birthday last spring. It’s very easy & so beautiful for such little effort. I celebrate my birthday with two friends whose birthdays are the day after mine. The cake was so beautiful they didn’t want to cut it – you’ll wow your friends it’s so easy & pretty.

  5. Morgan says:

    Have fun at the museum! That sounds fun! =) I’m loving those built-ins and it makes me really want to spice up our bookshelves to look more built-in.

  6. Marin says:

    i LOVE the headboard!! That was one of my favorite things in mad men!!!

    I have a project blog too!, and I think my latest post about salted caramel frosting was one of my favorite projects of all time – delicious!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Kate S. says:

    This isn’t your fault, by any means, but I think you should know that the cake tutorial posted by Dwellings by Devore did not originate with her, as she has made it seem in her post. The design was originally created by I Am Baker and a full tutorial was posted on her blog several months ago. I find it in very poor taste that she’s put up a tutorial copied from someone else and failed to even mention where she first encountered the design. There’s seems to be a lot of that going around the blogs lately and it’s so disappointing to see.

  8. OOOHHH. That museum looks awesome! I was watching a show about it this past Sunday; very interesting! I know people were mad at the creator/Alice Walton for purchashing major works of art and putting them in Arkansas…but I say, what the heck!? Enjoy =)

    • Adele says:

      I agree. If major works of art are put up for sale, and are subsequently sold, then it is really of no consequence what an outsider’s opinion is as to where the privately owned art is placed. I am thrilled that Ms. Walton has been gracious enough to place these pieces in a venue for public consumption, rather than in a private collection!

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  10. Oh … that kitchen is so mod chic! And I saw Jenny’s headboard tutorial too and am planning on trying it out. I promised my mom I’d upholster her a headboard, but I’ve been procrastinating for a while. I’m not one to jump right in and try something out, so I love it when people I trust do it first and work out the kinks!

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